Landfill owner asks for more waste

By Andy Jenks - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - The East End Landfill, which takes only construction and demolition debris, is located right across the street from Gwen Posenau's house, and there's no mistaking the two things she notices every day.

"The flow, the traffic flow and the dust," said Gwen.

Gwen's gotten used to that by now, but the owner of the private landfill is now asking to bring in even more debris. Right now the largest amount allowed by permit, is 900 tons a day. The owner wants that moved up to 3,500 tons a day.

"I'm concerned about an expansion because an expansion means much more traffic, and this is a very busy road," said Gwen.

While the footprint of the landfill would remain nearly unchanged, east end leaders have concerns.

"At this point I don't know what benefit it would be to the county as far as any kind of revenue stream other than just waste going into a big hole," said James Donati, Board of Supervisors - Varina District.

Landfill management scheduled a six o'clock meeting tonight with neighbors to address those concerns, and the owner says even if the intake amount goes up, there's no guarantee that much debris would come in anyway. Plans also exist to help neighbors deal with damage to their property.

Gwen: "The landfill themselves is very good to us. They keep after my driveway, they tend to everything."

Andy: "They've tried to accommodate you?"

Gwen: "Oh yeah I fuss. They know me. On a first name basis."

But so far that hasn't been enough to quiet the trucks or all of the people who live here.

After tonight's get-together with neighbors, the next big event is a hearing with the Department of Environmental Quality. That is on the books for Monday, October 5.

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