"Get Square VA" to help pay delinquent tax bills, no penalty

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - If you've fallen behind on your taxes due to the state, this is your chance to get squared away with Virginia. It's called the "Get Square VA," a tax amnesty program that is set to begin next week.

In this rough economy, more than half a million notices to Virginians are on their way in the mail: people who are holding off paying their past due taxes.

But the launch of "Get Square VA," a back tax amnesty program, has as leaders hoping it's your pass to get back on track.

"The people with unpaid taxes have other problems with their credit reports, making it difficult to get mortgages, financing," says Gov. Tim Kaine. "So, the ability to clear up an unpaid tax obligation can actually make the rest of your life go a lot smoother, too."

The program will last 60 days starting October 7 and running until December 5.

Penalties you owe will be waived and 50% of the interest due is taken off, if you pay the balance in full. There are no payment plan options.

It's also a move to get the state back on track. This program comes about a month after Governor Kaine announced more than $1 billion will be slashed from the state budget, and hundreds of jobs will be lost.

Although this program will only generate $48 million or so, it's still money in the bucket for education public safety and more that's not there now.

"We're having to make painful decisions but the decisions get a little bit easier if this amnesty program works," adds Gov. Kaine.

It's a one time, 60 day chance to turn things around. But avoid those returns again and you'll face a 20 percent penalty, on top of the extra money you already owe.

There is a call center set up to answer questions or for you to make payments over the phone. The number is (888) 560-0057. We're also told there is no application needed to take advantage of this program.

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