Richmond hosts foreclosure clinics to help homeowners

From NBC12 News

RICHMOND, VA (NBC12) - Free help for homeowners in difficult circumstances.

Saturday Housing Opportunities Made Equal or HOME and the Richmond City Council sponsored foreclosure clinics in the four hardest-hit areas of the city.

Homeowners on the northside, Church Hill, Highland Park and the Blackwell community met with counselors to figure out if they can actually stay in their houses.

HOME says it's important to go over your household budget to figure out what can be cut.

And, most importantly, stay in contact with your lender.

"Once you get a notice from your lender, do not ignore the notices," said program spokesperson Doris Goudelock. "Pike up the phone, call the lender, explain the situation, contact the loss mitigation dept from each lender. They have programs designed to help you stay in the home."

You want to make sure any counselor you see is a HUD approved housing authority.

Home counselors are available in downtown Richmond five days a week.

Just visit for more information.

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