Armed robber from Chesterfield sought by police

Aaron Mitchell Johnson
Aaron Mitchell Johnson
Kelci Nichole Goodman
Kelci Nichole Goodman
Russell D. Wheatley
Russell D. Wheatley
Frederick Sylvester Hill
Frederick Sylvester Hill

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Police say Aaron Mitchell Johnson was going to visit a friend on Deep Hollow Court in western Chesterfield county.

"He found the house and there were a couple of other people there, they invited him inside the house," said detective Kevin Bacon of Chesterfield Police. "Inside that house is where they robbed him," referring to the person that lived in the house being robbed by Johnson and his accomplice.

After allegedly stealing some cash, Johnson and another person left the house. The other person involved in the robbery was later apprehended by police.

Aaron Johnson is still on the loose. He is a black male with brown eyes, black hair, 5'10, 160 pounds.

"He was known to hang out quite frequently in that area, the same area where this robbery was committed," Bacon said.

The Deep Hollow Court robbery was the last time police had any information on Johnson's whereabouts.

"This person obviously knows that there being sought after, because we have to believe he knows his partner or the person that got involved has been arrested," Bacon said.

Police say any information would help and there is an extra incentive.

"If it helps us capture Aaron Johnson, then they could have a cash reward as a result of that," Bacon said.

Johnson is considered armed and dangerous and police are determined to get him off the streets.

"He wasn't afraid to pull out  a gun and to brag to his friends that he even had the weapon.  So, if he was that blatant in showing that to others and he was so quick in using it in the commission of a robbery there's no telling who he's going to pull it on next," Bacon said.

Call Chesterfield County Crime Solvers - (804) 748-0660.

Other Fugitive Friday suspects:

The Colonial Heights Police Department holds numerous fraud warrants on Kelci Nichole Goodman.  The offenses involve a stolen credit card, false identification, as well as obtaining goods by false pretenses.

Goodman's whereabouts are currently unknown, but she has been known to frequent Petersburg, Colonial Heights, Dinwiddie, and West Point. She is a white female with brown eyes, brown hair, 5'9, 132 pounds.

Goochland County Sheriff's Office seeks Russell D. Wheatley on charges capias to show cause. His original charge is a third offense DUI. He is a white male, blue eyes, 6'0, 155 pounds.

Richmond has warrants on file for Frederick Sylvester Hill, wanted for malicious wounding & use of a firearm. He is a black male, brown eyes, black hair, 5'9, 145 pounds.

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