Chesterfield educator named teacher of the year

By Sunni Blevins - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - A big surprise for a Chesterfield County teacher.  This morning, the superintendent and campus community at Tomahawk Creek Middle School honored Carolyn Wilkerson as Central Virginia's teacher of the year.

Carolyn Wilkerson beat out all of the teachers in 16 school districts for this title.  The one-time corporate engineer took her love of math and science and desire for a greater purpose in life to the classrom seven years ago.

Carolyn Wilkerson is an 8th grade Science and Geometry teacher at Tomahawk Creek Middle School in Midlothian.

In the midst of teaching Friday morning,  the whole school was called to an assembly, and no one knew why.

"Mr. Ellick seemed so serious over the announcements, so we didn't know if something bad had happened, you know swine flu or something with that, and then we thought well maybe it's cause the magazine sells were so good, but we didn't know, we didn't know," Wilkerson said.

When Superintendent Dr. Marcus Newscome took the floor, it soon became clear that the assembly was about her.

Carolyn Wilkerson is Central Virginia's teacher of the year.

"I am blown away.  I'm speechless.  I just can't believe this happened to me.  You just come in and you do your job and you love it but to be rewarded like this for what you love doing is just amazing," Wilkerson said.

No one else seemed surprised by Wilkerson's award.

Jeff Ellick says, Mrs. Wilkerson is without a doubt the pedigree of a teacher.  Time outside of the classroom at sporting events, at school events, she is by far one of the best teachers that i've ever worked with as an administrator.

Wilkerson will now go on to compete for Virginia's teacher of the year title. And if she wins that, America's teacher of the year could be in her sites.

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