Ammunition shortage impacts local gun shops

By Laura Geller - bio | email
Posted by Chris Berdoz - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Bullets are flying off store shelves nationwide.  Manufacturers can't keep up with the demand for ammunition.

Some gun shops we talked to are even limiting how much ammunition customers can buy, just to keep stock in the stores. Owners say they wait longer to receive orders and the second they replenish their supplies, the shelves are once again wiped clean.

Buying ammo for your guns is not exactly a sure shot nowadays. David Hancock says for the past year he's had to rely on more distributors to get less bullets for handguns.

He says, "We have back orders placed with them. They're calling everytime. They have a wants list, I guess, and they're calling it every time they get something and we're taking it." Hancock says the trend began right before President Obama was elected. In anticipation of any suspected anti-gun legislation, Bob Moates Sports Shop started to stockpile.

Hancock says, "Let's be honest, right now, the top three people in this country: Obama, Biden and Pelosi; they're all anti-gun."

As of yet, President Obama has not proposed or signed any bills limiting gun rights, but fear is motivating consumers.

Bass Pro Shops has started limiting customers to just two boxes of ammunition per visit. Managers say they're trying to satisfy everyone, but the shelves are still empty."

So, individuals go straight to the manufacturers.  When gun range owners like Jeff Picchi try to place their orders, they miss the mark.

He says, "Instead where I might be able to buy at any given time, ten or fifteen cases, now it's getting down to where they can sell me five boxes or ten boxes."

The NRA tells us in past years between six and eight billion rounds of ammo have been produced.  It's predicting for 2009, that number could reach ten billion.

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