Child hit by school bus in Richmond

By Nicole Bell - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A little boy who tried to jump off his bike to avoid being hit by a school bus in Richmond is speaking out for the first time.

Maurice Hudson calls what happened at Maverick Avenue and Fenton Street a nightmare. Today, he's home recovering from his injuries.

The 7th grader is shaken-up. His leg is swollen and his bike is left mangled.

"I won't trying to get hit, I was moving," Hudson said.

Hudson says he was riding this bike near his Richmond home Tuesday afternoon when a public school bus came down the road.

"The bus kept beeping telling us to get out the street. We won't really in the street we were on the side," he said.

At some point that bus driver ran over the rear of Hudson's bicycle. The 12-year-old says he tried to jump off the bike before the collision.

"When I was moving my feet got stuck in the chain," he said. "She hit my bike tire and the bike fell on my whole leg."

The bus driver kept going and has not been identified or found by police.

"She slowed down, looked in the mirror -- and a man said get back here. Then she just took off," Hudson said.

Richmond city public schools says it's unclear if the bus was a Richmond city school bus.  Even so, the school system along with police are looking at drivers whose routes would take them through this area.

News of the incident has neighbors worried. They say kids are always riding their bikes up and down this street.

"I think they should have sidewalks in Richmond so the kids won't have to ride their bikes in the street," said Angela Rider.

Her son was riding his bike near Maurice when the crash happened.

"The bus driver should have never did that," said her son, Michael Drisckall.  "I think it's wrong because the bus driver should have stopped."

As for maurice he says he wants to go back to school and get a new bike.

Marcice's mother said she is outraged and disappointed by what happened.