Troubled youth home angers Hanover residents

It may look like an ordinary home but it's really a facility for troubled youth and it's being operated in the middle of one Hanover County neighborhood.

"I am annoyed and angered that I was not given a voice or a chance to make a voice," says resident, Joan Izzo.

Izzo lives a block and a half away from the house. She claims she was never informed that such a facility existed so close to her home. The home has operated there for 2 years but it wasn't until recently a letter from the county announced a community meeting to discuss the residential facility's operation.

The letter that was mailed out to residents of this neighborhood letting them know what was going on inside of the home. But for some residents they say the letter comes two years too late.

The facility's website states that the home houses teens ages 12 to 17. They provide care for teens with conditions such as aggressive or assualtive behavior. Some neighbors are concerned for their children's safety.

"They go jogging there by themselves and that type of thing and it would be nice to know," says neighbor, Ttim Herrity.

While residents haven't noticed any reason for concern in the past 2 years, they want to know why they are just now being informed about the situation.

If you are interested in attending the meeting it's being held at:

Cool Springs Baptist Church

9283 Atlee Station Road

Mechanicsville, VA

Thursday, September 24, 2009 7-9 PM