Farmville murder suspect facing charges

By Laura Geller - bio | email
Posted by Chris Berdoz - email

FARMVILLE, VA (WWBT) - Richard McCroskey faces murder charges. In court today, he was appointed an attorney, but ordered to stay in jail.

Crime scene tape and police barricades still block off First Avenue.

"We walk to campus right past the house so it was a little unnerving knowing we had been walking past that and had no idea what was going on inside" said Farmville resident Brittany Anderson.

Richard McCroskey, suspected of killing a family inside this home, appeared in court today for the first time. He faces four charges, including first degree murder in the death of pastor Mark Niederbrock.

The medical examiner has not positively identified the other victims, believed to be Longwood University professor Debra Kelley, daughter Emma Niederbrock and a female friend.

"It's just, a whole family is just gone. It's scary" said resident Kimberly Woods.

Additional charges are expected in those other deaths. McCroskey is being held at Piedmont Regional Jail, a couple of miles outside downtown Farmville, just a short drive away from the crime scene.

"It's still shocking to me to see that it happened here in Farmville and more shocking that it happened right here in this area." said Elijah Cain, who lives around the corner from the crime scene.

For now, Farmville residents are watching out for each other as they try to understand the tragedy. 
"It's always a scar that I think will be here, but as time goes on I think it heals." said resident Rick Raymond.

We continue to wait for those positive identifications and the additional charges that are expected. In the meantime, McCroskey's next scheduled court date is January 11. His attorney can request a bond hearing before then.

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