Investigation continues into murder suspect's music

By Rachel DePompa - bio | email
Posted by Chris Berdoz - email

FARMVILLE, VA (WWBT) - Sam McCroskey was an aspiring rapper out of Castro Valley, California, near Oakland. His song lyrics are now part of the police investigation.

California police spent hours this morning searching the McCroskey family home in Castro Valley. Detectives took several paper bags of evidence from his room and were even seen carrying out a computer. A California newspaper says neighbors often heard loud music coming from McCroskey's bedroom.

It appears McCroskey spent much of his time online promoting his horrorcore rap. That's a genre of hip hop music associated with violent lyrics. The aspiring rapper went by the name Syko Sam. And his Myspace page is full of satanic images and upside-down crosses. He took several pictures of himself wielding an axe and hiding his face. He even appears as a preacher.

McCroskey's rap songs have been removed from his page by Myspace. But we found his lyrics and they are eerily similar to what occurred in Farmville. He writes about killing, hiding the remains and driving a stolen car.

In one song he calls "My Dark Side" McCroskey sings. "You're not the first, just to let you know. I've killed many people and I kill them real slow. It's the best feeling, watching their last breath. Stabbing and stabbing till there's nothing left."

Tributes are already appearing online for 16 year old Emma Niederbrock and her friend from Berryville, West Virginia, Melanie Wells. It appears the two girls went to a horrorcore concert in Detroit with McCroskey two weeks ago.

From a posting on his Myspace page, Emma was excited about his visit, writing "I can't wait to see you baby."

McCroskey last logged on to myspace on Friday. His mood was "determined".

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