Can music actually influence people to kill?

Posted by Phil Riggan - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The discovery of a gruesome murder scene in Farmville, has raised many questions about what could have led to a tragedy so terrible.

Websites and music that has been traced back to the main suspect, reveal a young man fascinated with murder and death. It is a genre regularly consumed by many people across America.

Robyn Diehl is an assistant professor at Virginia Commonwealth University and has dealt with this issue on on an extensive basis.

Q: Is there a link between what we watch and how we act?

Q: How can some people consume hours and hours of horror material and it have no impact and in other cases it sets people off?

Q: Is this something where exposure leads to problems or is there evidence that certain people have a greater risk of taking what they see and bringing it into the real world?

See the video at right for the interview and responses.

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