Quadruple murder suspect brought back to Farmville to face charges

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FARMVILLE, VA (NBC12) - Murder rocks a small town as Farmville police make a gruesome discovery-- four bodies inside the home of a local University professor.

Armed and dangerous is how police described the man they say is responsible for slaying four people.

And after a widespread manhunt, police at Richmond International Airport arrested 20-year-old Richard McCroskey Saturday.

He's now facing murder, robbery and grand larceny charges.

Farmville police found four partially decomposed bodies at the home of a Longwood University professor Friday evening.

A short time later, police in the rural area filed felony warrants for McCroskey.

Airport police found him around 11:30 Saturday morning falling asleep in the baggage claim area.

He had a ticket to fly back home to California Sunday, and reportedly had been trying to move the flight up but didn't have the money to pay for the ticket change.

The murders have sent shock waves through the small town, where police barricades and tape continue to block off the crime scene.

While police have not released the identities of the four victims, we're told professor Debra Kelley, her husband, daughter and a friend were staying at the home.

"When it's friends, and loved ones," said Farmville resident Michael Phelan. "I don't have the words. It's a sad day."

Phelan used to teach with the criminal justice professor.

He says he spent hours inside their home discussing her two favorite academic topics-- homicide and violence.

Neighbors and friends keep vigil around the home at 505 First Avenue, still in disbelief such horrific violence could happen here.

"Farmville, this is small town USA," he said. "Nothing happens here."

Landon MacEachran went to grade school with Kelley's daughter Emma.

"I wouldn't have believed it at all and if it did happen," he said. "I wouldn't have believed it would have been her. Such a sweet innocent person. Her family was sweet, her dad was sweet, mom was too."

McCroskey's MySpace page has a September seventh post from what friends say is 16-year-old Emma's username- it reads: "The next time you check your MySpace, you'll be at my house. I love you so much."

McCroskey last logged into his account, "lildemondog" Friday, while Emma Niederbrock's account activity ends September 14.

One day after police discovered the bodies, questions remain.

"Why would it happen? That's my question," said MacEachran. "Why would he do it?"

Police are still not saying how the victims died.

They will likely release more information as they continue to interrogate McCroskey.

More charges are expected.

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