V.A. warns of telephone prescription scam

By Nicole Bell - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The scam artists are targeting military veterans. Drug prescriptions are being used as bait. An alert from the Department of Veterans Affairs warning veterans not to fall for the fraud.

Scam artists are calling military veterans and posing as V.A. workers who need credit card data to update prescription information.

"The V.A., of course, would never, nor any legitimate company, would call any of their veterans or customers and ask for that type of information on the phone," said Vincent Burgess, Commissioner of the Department of Veterans Services.

The criminals say the V.A. has changed its procedures on dispensing prescriptions and now needs your credit card number, pin number, and the numbers on the back of the credit card.

"The V.A. has put out this alert across the country making sure the veterans know not to give out any of that personalized information," said Burgess.

Those who protect and serve call the scam outrageous and despicable.

"I do believe it's horrible. I believe its low," said C.D. Walker.

57 year old C.D. Walker served in the navy. He also gets prescription drugs from a VA Medical Center.

"We can have them sent to our home but that's done through codes," Walker said.

Walker and other military veterans say they're not surprised that they're being targeted. In fact, Walker says he's been the target of many scam artists.

"These people from overseas calling pretending to send money and then they'll send you so much money," he said.

If you have questions about this scam, contact the nearest V.A. Medical Center or call the V.A. Resource Center at 1-877-222-8387.

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