Farming comes to the internet

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - They are taking their goods and peddling them through the internet. By combining old fashioned farming techniques with new world marketing they are connecting urban dwellers with country goodness.

Everything about the Frog Bottom Farm looks as authentic and traditional as you would expect. This operation is every bit farm, but with just a little bit more.

"The very first thing I did when we got here this winter was to set up our web site," said Lisa Moussali.

That's right. These farmers went to their computers first.

"It is silly to think that people don't go to the internet right away to look for something," she said.

Lisa and Alli Moussali gave up their lives in the big city to raise organic vegetables. Their goal was to sell their food to customers as close to the farm as possible. In rural Appomattox County, their closest hub of consumers was here in Richmond, and they had to find a way to reach them.

"I don't know how I would've even advertised our farm without a web site," Lisa said.

From their web site, the Moussali's have signed up 170 families in their community supported agriculture program. For a few hundred dollars, customers are guaranteed fresh produce every week during the harvest season. Those customers find Frog Bottom not just through their web site, but through Facebook and Twitter.

But by sharing their farm in cyberspace, the Moussalis are doing more than just peddling their wares.

"It's not a place to spend most of your time advertising. It is a place to get to know people and ask questions and build relationships," said Lisa.

That means picturesque photos of farm living and regular updates about the progress of the produce. It connects their customers beyond the food on their plate.

"They are looking for a real strong sense of connection with the where the food they are consuming in their life is coming from," she said.

And the Moussalis hope that connection leads to a lifelong partnership between their farm and the people who can benefit from it.

So here is how you connect with Frog Bottom farm. Their web site is . On that web site you can become friends with them on Facebook and you can find them at .

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