Cheerleading skirts violate school dress code

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HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - It's Friday, game day at J.R. Tucker High School. Athletes and cheerleaders get to wear their uniforms to school. Tammy Vaughn's 17-year-old daughter Jessica would love to show her school spirit but it turns out, she can't do it, wearing the cheerleading uniform "as-is".

"From me? I blew up. I got very angry," said Tammy.

Tammy's upset because the cheerleading uniform the school issued to her daughter this year, violates the brand new student dress code which says that skirts must be no higher than four inches, or about a credit card length, above the knee.

So, principals met this week and decided on a compromise. Cheerleading skirts can be worn so long as the girls wear warm-up pants, underneath.

"We're not saying they can't wear their uniforms. We're simply saying the uniforms, school issued or not, have to meet the dress code," said Mychael Dickerson, Henrico County Schools Spokesperson.

Uniforms would still be allowed "as-is" at pep rallies, and games.

"But during the school day, during the instructional time, they'll have to adhere to the dress code," he said.

That's not exactly a "rah rah" moment for Tammy, a former cheerleader herself, who paid a hundred dollar rental fee for her daughter's uniform.

"The cheerleaders during school, they're not tumbling, they're not running flipping their legs up. They're walking as they would in any other...I mean, it's a school uniform," Tammy said.

But in the end, principals decided to apply the new dress code evenly, including school uniforms. Any further changes appear unlikely.

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