Former officer allegedly pulls over real cop

By Laura Geller - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - Authorities say Philip Flournoy is accused of pretending to be a cop and pulling over a female driver in Henrico County. It turns out that female driver was a Richmond Police Officer.

We've learned the suspect in this case, the 35-year-old Flournoy, is a former Richmond police officer himself. Authorities say last December, he flagged down another car on Gaskins Road, and identified himself as a Richmond police officer, but that driver was an off-duty Richmond cop.

We were able to confirm Flournoy's employment with Richmond police.  The department says he left in 2005. But, at this late hour we were unable to find out the reasons behind that departure or how long he was actually on the force.

Right now, we also don't know exactly why Flournoy allegedly flagged down the off-duty officer's unmarked car in the first place.

Whatever the reason Richmond police say Flournoy no longer had the power of the badge; giving him the authority to do so.

"We do take it very seriously. We don't want anyone out there claiming to be a Richmond police department officer and we thank Henrico for the actions they've done. They went through court, they did all the due process and now they've arrested this person and now he'll face charges," said James Mercante, Richmond Police Department Spokesperson.

A Henrico grand jury handed down the indictment yesterday. Flournoy, a resident of Ashland, is charged with misdemeanor, impersonating a police officer. His trial date is set for October 28.

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