Chris Brown begins serving his sentence in Richmond

By Rachel DePompa - bio | email
Posted by Phil Riggan - email

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Grammy-winning R&B star and Tappahannock native Chris Brown began his community service today in Richmond.

He's to perform 180 days of hard labor in the river city for his assault on ex-girlfriend and pop star Rihanna.

NBC12's Rachel DePompa was the first reporter to find Brown today.

We've been hearing about Chris Brown sightings in the Richmond area for weeks, but he was here today performing hard labor. He's been clearing brush at the Richmond police stables all day.

It all started with a little tweet. Chris Brown wrote on his twitter page, "on my way to community service."

By noon.... we'd found him. On the side of Brook Road, in a red hat and orange work vest clearing and cutting down brush.

"It's hard labor it's sweaty work. He cleared all this brush by hand. Earlier. He's now down behind us doing the same thing," said Richmond spokesperson, Gene Lepley.

He was surrounded by armed Richmond police officers and a cruiser continuously circled the block. Even Richmond's police chief came out to watch. Bryan Norwood is supervising Brown's 180 days of community service.

It wasn't hard for people to realize a celebrity was in Richmond.

"It's shocking though cause you hear it on TV that Chris Brown's coming to Richmond and doing his community service and you're like no he's not going to do it cause he's a celebrity. But, they actually have him doing his community services. In where I'm from, Richmond, Virginia," said Antoinette Baylor, who said she's a Brown fan.

"I mean he's a celebrity. He's right here in the backyard of my job. So just wanted to come see him," said Rachel Carter.

Brown waved to his fans, and at times was seen laughing and smiling, but for the most part Brown just pulled brush. And his star-struck fans were mindful of why he was in this situation.

"It's kind of hard to watch him do that, but at the same time," Baylor said. "He's got to face his consequences. I hope he's learning from this at the same time."

You will be seeing Chris Brown in various locations around the city over the next 179 days he will be doing different jobs for the Richmond police department around the city and he will also be working for the Richmond Sheriff's Office.

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