UPDATE: Shooting at high school in Henrico; One student in custody

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HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - The suspected gunman is a 16-year-old student at Virginia Randolph which is described as an "alternative" school in Henrico County. He's in custody now so things are back to normal after what was a very tense afternoon.

"I'm not gonna rest, and I'm not gonna be comfortable until I know if my child is all right," said parent Charlotte Hubbard.

In the opening moments, just after 12:30 p.m., it was all about getting answers following a call of shots fired at Virginia Randolph Community High School. 18-year-old Markey Graham was inside.

"It was gunshots getting fired, so we had to hurry up and get to class," Markey said.

A hundred police officers arrived within minutes - some with guns drawn. They put the school on lockdown with 240 students inside.

"Everybody was hyped, they couldn't calm down," said Markey.

Twenty minutes later the suspected gunman, a 16 year old male student of Virginia Randolph, was arrested. Police spotted him in the nearby woods.

"We sent the canine in and he gave up," said Henrico Police Lt. Doug Perry.

Police also found a gun but wouldn't say how many shots were fired. At least none of them hit their intended target.

"All students and staff here are okay. We've been able to account for everyone who's in school today and there are no injuries," said Henrico Schools Spokesman Mychael Dickerson.

Buses came and picked up the students just before three, as lockdown was lifted. Later police would credit the quick arrest to community tips, and a regular dose of technology.

"We had a photograph of him on file so our intelligence unit sent it out to every police officer in Henrico County a picture of this guy, so every police officer in Henrico County on their computer in their car had a picture of this guy to look for, so we knew exactly who we were looking for," Perry said.

Police, though wouldn't get into whether this juvenile has a criminal history. It's believed the gunman was going after another student. So he's been charged with attempted malicious wounding and possession of a firearm on school property. Classes are expected to resume with extra police and a crisis team here tomorrow.

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