Update on conditions at Stonewall Place

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - 12 on Your Side got results for seniors unhappy with conditions at their independent living facility. The same day residents told us about problems at "Stonewall Place", a top official was calling to resolve the issues.

"We so scared we're going to get caught in it," said resident Shirley Giles.

Elevators that shake, shimmy, and make disturbing sounds. Also had an expired safety inspection showing 2008. The elevators were the first stop, on our correction tour, with R.R.H.A.'s John Hill.

"The elevator was in safe operating condition. There was no danger," said John Hill, Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority's senior, V.P. of property management.

Now, look what's posted, an updated inspection notice good through 2010.

'What happened was a certificate was current but not placed into the elevator system," Hill said.

Broken washers another grievance, one working machine for 65 apartments.

"I came myself and tested the washer," said Hill.

But Hill says when 12 news visited; a resident falsely portrayed a working machine as broken. Still, he says the housing authority is buying a new one.

"Like these two perhaps a little bigger and there will be 3 fully operational washers at that point on site which is what this building calls for," he said.

Clashes with management, at Stonewall Place appear more difficult to resolve.

"I'm sick and tired of people being intimidated in this building," said resident James Yancey.

"The questions regarding misconduct we will act accordingly, once we've concluded that investigation." Hill.

And there's relief for 11 handicapped residents with cars, but only 2 parking spaces.

"We're gonna leave those two spaces in play and make 2 more spaces available for residents. 4 spaces which is beyond what is required for this building," said Hill.

Residents want a security guard too, but, there are no plans to hire one. Hill says R.R.H.A. works with a company that makes quarterly inspections to make sure its residents are safe.

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