UPDATED: VSU back to normal after fight Monday Night

By Gene Petriello - bio | email
Posted by Phil Riggan - email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Things are back to normal right now at Virginia State University after the campus was locked down Monday night.

Police are telling us one fight broke out inside of Foster Hall. 2 freshmen, male students on campus, were stopped and questioned by police. Since police say they were uncooperative, they were given trespassing notices, suspended and told to leave campus. We're told the decision over what will happen to those two students now is in the hands of Judicial Affairs.

The campus says the two students were given trespassing notices because they are not allowed back on campus, following their suspension.

As for the campus lock down, we're told it was done as a precaution because police heard of other potential issues on campus, as well as pockets of people around campus that may cause a problem.

The lock down lasted about 7 hours from 11 PM Monday night to 6 AM Tuesday morning.

It meant that no one was allowed on Virginia State's campus without a proper student ID and VSU parking decal.

"We are still a safe campus," said Michael C. Wallace, VSU Chief of Police. "We are still having our normal activities and our events as scheduled...classes are going on as scheduled and on time."

"We are doing everything we can as far as law enforcement and security coverage and our students have been made aware in their residence halls through the administration, there that this kind of action will not be tolerated," adds the Chief.

Campus police say they'll have extra security around campus today, and that all students have been made aware through meetings at their residence halls that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated.

As a result of the problem, we're told police and public safety will become more visible in and around campus. They also will be more aware of the problems and situations happening on campus.

This is not the first time this school semester the university was placed on lock down. Several weeks ago, we're told someone off campus fired a shot near Foster Hall, which is the same hall where the fight occurred on Monday evening. The person responsible for firing that shot was not caught.

On Tuesday morning, we caught up with some students who were walking to their classes, just after the lock down was lifted. It was clear emotions were still high among students campus-wide.

"We are basically saying it's ridiculous," Freshman Ian Williams told us. "There's no need for everybody to be fighting."

"We're not going to let what happened to one person happen down the road. So, they (the school) are taking precautions to stop it," Ian adds.

Another Freshman, Brittany Seaborne tells us, she is going to be making some changes in and around campus. "I'm just trying to stay aware of my surroundings so nothing happens."

Freshman Clayton Corns adds, "People fighting again. I'm pretty used to it from where I came from. But around campus, its kind of different. To be on a lock down for fight, we should be a little more mature."

All three of those students agree the lock down was a good precaution in light of the problem.

As for the two freshman, we're told their fate is in the hands of the Judicial Affairs Department at the school.

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