Thousands march to US Capitol to protest spending

From NBC12 News

WASHINGTON (AP) - Tens of thousands of demonstrators have flooded the streets of Washington today, marching on the U.S. Capitol to protest what they says is out-of-control government spending.

Some chanted "enough is enough" and "You lie, you lie!" while others are holding signs with slogans such as "I'm Not Your ATM" and "Obamacare makes me sick."

One man from Michigan says the president's health overhaul plan would "cost too much money that we don't have."

Congressman Mike Pence says while Americans want health care reform, they don't want a government takeover.

The chairman of the House Republican Conference says the message is that "years of borrowing, spending and bailouts" must end.

The march was organized by a conservative organization led by former House Republican leader Dick Armey along with several other groups.

In keeping with a Boston Tea Party theme, some are dressed in colonial costumes.

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