Unauthorized texting charges

By Evrod Cassimy - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Take a good look at your cell phone bill. If you see any additional charges for texting you could have fallen victim. Cell phone users are seeing charges for premium texting on their bills even though in some cases they never signed up for it.

"Because it's a hoax and they just keep texting your phone and it charges you," said cell phone user, Emily Tarsovich.

We've all seen the commercials asking you to text your number to another. But just because you don't sign up for it, someone else or another company can use your number. Whether on purpose or on accident, you're stuck with sometimes an extra 20 dollar charge.

"I really don't look at all," said Michelle Nevarr. "I don't know. Because it always comes in at the same amount every month and I assume that that is what I'm paying for."

Verizon Wireless like most cell phone companies are aware of occurences like this. They strongly suggest customers look at their bill every month to make sure there aren't any unauthorized texting charges. And while a customer must opt in twice to allow these charges to go through there are instances where it still happens. To fully prevent premium texting charges you must block them with your cell phone carrier that way no one can charge you for extra services you didn't sign up for.

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