City attorney asked to review chase

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Posted by Terry Alexander - email

HOPEWELL, VA (WWBT) - Councilman Walton is asking the city attorney and the commonwealth's attorney to review whether Hopewell police followed proper policy during a high speed chase that unfolded about two weeks ago.

"My job is to support our law enforcement agencies but also to protect the safety of citizens in the wards and in the city itself," said Councilman Wayne Walton.

Walton says the move is in response to receiving a number of calls from constituents who expressed concern about "close calls" during the pursuit.

The chase lasted nearly an hour. Speeds reached triple digits. The pursuit took dozens of officers through residential neighborhoods.

"I was worried about somebody getting hurt and police officer too getting hurt," said resident Mary Martin.

Hopewell police is reviewing the pursuit which the department says is standard.

"We can't fault anybody from being concerned. Pursuits are dangerous in and of their very nature, but our officers are well trained," said Hopewell Police Lt. Franklin McQuage.

The department is not commenting on the councilman's request. It does say multiple factors are taken into consideration during a high speed chase such as weather, time of day, and location. Lt McQuage says officers follow an all due care policy.

"You can't drive like a maniac. You have to use common sense," said McQuage.

Councilman Walton says his request should move forward unless council objects.

That city council meeting will get going at 6:30 p.m. in the municipal building. In Hopewell the commonwealth's attorney will be asked tonight to look into that question.

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