Governor announces 593 layoffs, furloughs, cuts to higher education

Posted by Phil Riggan - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Virginia Governor Tim Kaine broke the bad news today about the struggling state budget. He announced a series of cuts that could have an impact on all different kinds of Virginians.

However the ones facing the biggest burden will be state workers. In addition to a one day furlough, some 600 employees of the Commonwealth are facing layoffs.

Ronald Jordan is the executive director of the Virginia Governmental Employees Association. He represents some 18,000 state workers.

See the video at right for Jordan's replies to these questions:

How involved was your organization in the discussion surrounding these cuts?

How soon did it become apparent to you that when facing a budget hole as big as this one, that state employees would eventually have to share that burden?

At this point do you have any idea where these 600 layoffs will come from?

State employment is usually considered a stable environment. Your members have had to see how private companies throughout virginia were trimming staff, or outright shutting down. Are they prepared for the reality they now face?

Is this the end?

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