Man loses $1280 on carnival game

By Melissa Correa - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - A Dinwiddie man says he invested more than $1,200 in a carnival game expecting to win it all back. But after more than a handful of tries, he says he was conned.

Sunday afternoon Devin Karp visited the Chesterfield County Fair expecting to have fun, but he ended up trying his luck. $1,280 went down the drain after trying nine times to win a carnival game.

"The way the game works, is you have to stand a bottle up 10 times," Karp said.

Karp says the carnival worker promised to give him all his money back when he won so he kept playing. Until on-lookers told him what they had seen.

"They noticed he had bumped the table that time, my girlfriend noticed he bumped the table," he said.

He asked for his money back, but says the worker wouldn't budge. Karp quickly called police who came out to the fair to investigate. Officers were under the assumption Karp would be paid back.

We tracked down the owners of the Midway Activities, Jolly Shows who say they didn't con Karp out of his money, someone who leased the game did.

"Now we've since eliminated that individual and that game is gone," said David Furr, Jolly Shows.

As for the money, minutes ago, Karp confirmed he received $700 back from Jolly Shows.

"Because we don't condone that or want that, we've been coming 6 years to the Chesterfield County Fair," said Furr.

While Karp says he is glad to get some of his money back. He says he's learned his lesson and won't spend major bucks again.

"I'm the owner of a landscaping company. Every penny is precious," Karp said.

Jolly Shows runs several carnivals across the state. They said this is the first time a situation like this one has happened in Chesterfield. If you feel, you've been conned contact police and the owners of the Midway.

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