$1.3 million sought to upgrade business parks

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DINWIDDIE, VA (WWBT) - Dinwiddie County wants to bring more money, businesses, and jobs to the area. It hopes to accomplish that by making major improvements to the county's industrial parks.

The county is seeking a one-point-three million dollar state grant to make those upgrades. In the long run, county leaders say the move will attract more people to the county.

Commerce Park is 245 acres. Industrial Development Authority Park is just under a hundred acres. Both are owned by Dinwiddie County. Both could soon get a major facelift.

The county recently applied for a state grant to help fund an improvement project which will include dam repairs, entrance park signs, traffic lights and engineering plans.

"The purpose of the funds is for us to improve the site infrastructure here, to get us ready to go to meet the needs of industrial clients and retail clients that'll be coming to the county," said Tammie Collins, Planning and Community Development.

Because of the population boom expected under the BRAC expansion at Fort Lee, county leaders say there will be a demand for a variety of new businesses to support the influx.

The county says it now has a high activity rate for businesses expressing interest in setting up shop in these industrial parks. The county is hearing from restaurant chains, retailers and that's not all.

"A lot of logistics and warehouse type companies - so we have a high rate of prospects in that arena. They realize with the BRAC expansion and the suppliers that will be coming for Rolls Royce, that we are well positioned to support those sectors," Collins said.

And when those businesses come that means more jobs and revenue for the county. If the county doesn't get that 1.3 million dollar grant...

"Were going to go back to the board and see what other funding opportunities are available," Collins said.

The county has received some money to get the improvement project going. A decision is expected in October on whether the county will get the 1 point 3 million dollar grant.

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