Two campaigns headed in different directions

By Ryan Nobles - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Tonight in the race for governor, Republican Bob McDonnell is hoping a new TV ad will change the topic of conversation. Creigh Deeds is finding a way to make every single aspect of his campaign connected to a controversial graduate thesis his republican opponent wrote 20 years ago.

The message for Creigh Deeds is very clear.

"My opponent is out of the main stream and his record demonstrates that," said Deeds.

The Deeds campaign has seized on a paper written by Bob McDonnell filled with conservative rhetoric. The candidate and his allies in the state and national democratic parties have used every possible tactic to keep the story in the news.

"This thesis provides context to his legislative record, that is why I think it's relevant," Deeds said.

But unwilling to concede the charges being leveled at him by his opponent, McDonnell unveiled a new ad that features his daughters and makes a reference to his own mother's experience.

Janet Polarek, the woman who ran McDonnell's 2005 campaign for Attorney General, says the charges about his view of women are false and their campaign is talking about what matters to voters.

"Virginians really care about more important things like jobs and transportation and education and the economy," said Polarek.

Now Deeds is giving McDonnell very little breathing room on what he wrote 20 years ago. However today, Deeds admitted that over the course of the past two decades, he too has evolved on a number of issues.

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