Petersburg residents and police against crime

By Evrod Cassimy - bio | email

PETERSBURG, VA (WWBT) - Petersburg residents are joining forces with the local law enforcement. At a community focus meeting Thursday night officers and citizens discussed their concerns with the area.

"The major concern is the crime," said concerned resident, Valerie Clanton. "You know people, they, we work hard and we want to be able to leave out of our houses and come back and our things are still there. We want to be able to walk the streets you know without somebody jumping on us out of cars beating us up."

Clanton is just one of nearly 50 residents in attendance. While crime for her and others is a problem, Police Chief John Dixon wants residents to be aware that it's being worked on.

"The reduction of crime overall is tremendous within each precinct," said Dixon. "What we've done is look at crime in a more focused manor and focus our efforts within those areas so we can get the biggest impact."

Residents had a chance to have their voice heard while working towards a solution. The overall message from the meeting was to report crime when it happens.

"We cannot just put everything on the police ," said resident, Lin Wood. "We bear some kind of responsibility too."

"We want you to continue to continue to continue to have relationships with your community the police department and continue to focus on those concerns that you have and call us," added Chief Dixon.

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