UR placing 35 student-use bikes on campus in green effort

By Sunni Blevins - bio | email
Posted by Phil Riggan - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The University of Richmond is preparing to go a little greener.  Today, 35 bikes will be placed all around campus for students to use.  The new "green" bike program is part of a larger effort.

Students can pick up bikes at racks spread all around campus.  The ride is free and the rules are clear.

Just grab a bike and go, and the only real rule is that you keep the bike on campus. The wheels are turning at the University of Richmond as a brand new program kicks into gear.

The college's new green bike program is providing a wide-variety of opportunities.

"It was initiated by the students," said Tom Roberts, Dir. of Recreation and Wellness. "It connects with Richmond promise, the university's new strategic plan, and it provides a neat opportunity for students to address sustainability on campus and live balanced lives and most of all have some fun."

Funded through outside membership at the fitness center, $10,000 bought the 35 bikes, which are already generating a lot of buzz around campus.

Junior Chaz Barracks has already gone for a spin. He thinks these bikes are a great idea and will be very popular among students.

"I think that students will definitely utilize having the bikes," Barracks said. "I think it's fun. It's going to be like a good bonding thing, I don't think anyone will be taking it to a Saturday night party, but I think they will use it to go from class to class and whatnot."

The bikes will be maintained by the university's facility's department, which will inspect them every day and clean them every month.

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