Educational Editorial: Talk with our children

By Dr. Bill Bosher, NBC12 Educational Specialist

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - In less that a week, young people will return school. For those starting kindergarten it will be an exciting day for the entire family, full of emotion, anxiety, and great expectations.

For those entering their senior year it will be the 13th -- or some 14th or 15th -- and final sprint to commencement -- another beginning.

For parents who are experiencing either end of the education continuation and for the rare parents who are experiencing both, what should you talk about before the first week of school? Surprisingly the content of the conversations should be about the same.

Talk with your children about:

--Respect. Show respect for your teachers and classmates, particularly those who may not look like you do. The traditional "R's" will mean little if not in the context of honoring each other.

--Responsibility. Explain that each of us alone is accountable for work and behavior.

--Rewards. Help young people to understand the relationship between work and compensation.

--Relationships. While school is certainly about knowledge and skills, it is fundamentally a place to forge and sustain positive relationships, both young people and adults

--Recognition. While tied closely to rewards, talk to your young people not only about who and what they are, but also about who and what they may appear to be, how do others see us.

So this week around the table, while driving, or during one of those annual talks that we as parents feel compelled to deliver, don't focus on Reading, "Riting" and "Rithmetic." Talk about respect, responsibility, rewards, relationships and recognition.

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