Conversation with Chesterfield superintendent of schools

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) -  The Chesterfield school district is ready to start the new year, by reaching students at their level.  The district is actively using social networking sites like twitter and facebook to engage their community.

In part two of our special conversations with school superintendents, Dr. Bill Bosher asks Dr. Marcus Newsome what led to the decision to "tweet" to students.

BOSHER: "Part of that excitement , you use social networking, like no other superintendent I know. You twitter, how do you use that technology?"

NEWSOME: "Well, we talk about 21st Century learners, well we need 21st Century educators as well. And our students are engaged in social networking and we feel that we can communicate our messages to the community through this social networking. I started with twitter, actually by just sharing an inspirational quote for the day, and from time to time we use it to inform the public about various initiatives or meetings that are going on, we have had more visitors to our accounts than any of the top 100 largest school systems in America."

See the video at right for the full interview.

And you can follow Dr. Newsome on twitter. His handle is @ccpssuper

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