Richmond schools prepare for swine flu

By Evrod Cassimy - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Health experts are bracing themselves for a major spike in swine flu cases and it could be coming to a school near you. At least 2 local college campuses are reporting possible cases of the H1N1 virus.

"Here it is," said VCU health expert, Richard Wenzel. "We are entering the fall. We're seeing it enter schools. The universities are becoming infected already."

So far this year both Virginia Commonwealth University and University of Richmond have each reported 4 probable cases of swine flu among students. But despite health concerns, students aren't letting it bother them.

"I'm really not worried about it," said U of R student, Caitlin Smith. "As a biology student, I know a lot about that kind of stuff so it's really not a worry. I know it's a natural occurrence how it works and everything so it doesn't really alarm me at all."

"Swine flu is really not as horrendous as the media makes it out to be so i really am not that worried about it," added Taylor Wald.

Taking all precautions however, Governor Kaine will join members of his cabinet and state health officials tomorrow morning to discuss how to prepare for the upcoming swine flu season.

"And (we'll) basically talk a little bit about do's and don'ts, things that families should do to protect themselves," said Governor Tim Kaine.

Both universities have taken proper precautions to treat the students. So far the virus is not widespread.

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