Conversation with Goochland superintendent of schools

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) -  For most students across Central Virginia, the new school year will kick off in just over a week.

To get you set for the school year, our education specialist NBC12 Education Specialist Dr. Bill Bosher interviewed the superintendent of four major school districts in the Richmond area.

Over the next four days on first at four-- we'll show you what these education leaders have to say about some of the most important issues facing their districts.

First up, is the growing school district of Goochland and their superintendent Dr. Linda Underwood.

Goochland was able to leverage federal stimulus dollars to not only keep but add staff.

Dr. Bosher asked Dr. Underwood what the district's plans are, once the funding runs out.

BOSHER: President Obama said that the stimulus was money was to protect 600,000 teaching jobs. There is also a downside to that because if you put your money into people and the money goes away and we know it will, a year two years out you are going to be in a deeper hole.

UNDERWOOD: We've thought about that very carefully before we made the decisions that we did. Some new positions that we added, have been placed so that they can develop programming, provide support to teachers and that then will continue if those positions go away, if they do have to go away."

See the video at right for the full interview.

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