ROAD TRIPS: Safari Park

By Lauren Compton - email

NATURAL BRIDGE, VA (WWBT) - In Safari Park, you are caged and the animals have free reign.

Safari Park allows you to ride through the park in your car at 10 miles per hour. The journey  takes about an hour and owner and operator Janet Mogensen says Safari Park is unlike any zoo experience in Virginia.

"As you drive through you can feed the animals from the windows of your car and the animals come right up and interact with you," Mogensen said.

Traveling through the park with gives you a behind the scenes look at the park's wildlife. Mogensen says the animals have adapted to the cars riding through the park and there's never been an accident.

"The animals are very smart about the cars. They've learned over the years and they know where the cars are," she said.

Safari Park is Virginia's largest zoo and the only drive through zoo with over 1,200 animals. The park also includes traditional exhibits you can walk through like the bird room, giraffe feeding station, and petting zoo.

A trip to Safari Park is like writing a page in your own jungle story. You can stroll into the park and monkey around with the best of them and see animals in their own habitat. Whatever you decide it's an experience you won't forget.

Safari Park
229 Safari Lane
Natural Bridge, VA 24578

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