About 900 people hired at Chesterfield job fair

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, VA (WWBT) - About 900 people are getting back into the job world on Monday. This, after a weekend job fair draws hundreds and hundreds of the unemployed.

The scene is starting to become all too familiar: long lines, resumes, a lot of competition and it seems like there's never enough jobs. That's the story of Joseph Murray's life for the past 8 months.

"They said they were hiring people today, so I got down here as fast as I could," said Joseph.

Vangent Incorporated planned on hiring about 900 people to be exact. They are all temporary positions, making about $11.50 an hour.

The line of work is clerical, processing data for the government's Cash For Clunkers program.

To Joseph, it's a job and money to support his son. "Just pad the resume, get back to working. I've been on vacation too long," he said.

The vacation has not as long for Anthony Smith. He's been standing in the job seekers line for about 2 months.

"It can be frustrating, but I went through the same thing in '82," said Smith. Then, it took him 2 years to find a job. "I'm hoping it won't go that long this time."

It didn't go quite that long for Valerie Welton. Wednesday is her birthday and on Monday she received an early birthday surprise: a new job. She'll start on Wednesday.

"From not having a place to go, to having a place to go to is very exciting for me," said Valerie.

She'd been on the job hunt since April, but thinks things could be turning around. "Just the fact that the economy is improving and hopefully this is a start for a lot of people."

Now she's hoping this temporary job will turn into something a whole lot bigger in the future.

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