Residents describe fatal fire in Henrico

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HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Police are now piecing together witness statements and evidence. Hoping to find the reason behind the fire and what the victim was doing in the shed. People we talked with had to take a moment. They saw the storage shed go up in flames, then heard the news someone was inside.

The fire was out minutes after crews arrived, but brother and sister Dimitruis and Kendra Logan saw something very different about 9:30 this morning.

"I woke up to some flames from the window," said Dimitrius.

"All I see is a bunch of flames go Whoosh! All in the air near the trees. I was frightened," said his sister Kendra.

They watched firefighters battle the blaze that ate up the 8x10 foot shed. They heard about first responders and the startling revelation.

"During the course of the extinguishing and overhaul process it was determined that there was a victim inside," said Chris Buehren with the Henrico County Fire Department.

Investigators aren't speculating as to the victim's identity, they're waiting for the medical examiner's report.

We've had investigators canvassing the neighborhood with the fire marshals investigators talking to any neighbors, any witnesses, that type of thing," said Lt. Doug Perry with the Henrico County Police Department.

"I didn't think a fire could get that smoky and the flames, it just looked like it was building up as you looked and looked. I was petrified," said Kendra Logan.

The flames were contained to the area, but the damage was far reaching.

"We had exposure damage to the power lines and the Comcast lines and the Verizon lines that are above that so it was quite an intensive fire," said Buehren.

The medical examiner could release the identity of the victim as early as Monday morning.

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