Young woman describes finding baby in yard

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HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Henrico police are still looking for the mother of a newborn that was left naked and abandoned in a random front yard. The baby was just balled up on its side making a little bit of noise. Just enough to get the attention of a young lady walking down the street.

19 year old Amber Betts was just walking to a friend's house and she couldn't believe her ears.

"He was making noises like, 'eee!' Sounded like he was hurt, almost," said Amber.

It was getting dark, so she leaned in for a closer look.

ANDY: So you came up with the cell phone and just, like, stayed right here in the street?

AMBER: I did like this, and when I looked, I'm like...that's a baby.

Sure enough what she found was a baby boy, on the grass, naked as the day it was born, which apparently, wasn't too long ago.

AMBER: It looked like it had been cut.

ANDY: But there was still part of an umbilical cord there?

AMBER: Yeah, that's what it looked like.

Amber's family put the baby in a towel, and called police, who looked for the mother for several hours - but never found her. For all they know the baby, could've been left, for dead.

"I own this property. I own both of these houses. Thank you!" said neighbor Amy Newsome.

Amy Newsome is grateful that Amber decided to go for that walk. But has little sympathy for the person police are looking for.

"You could've put it on my doorstep, rang the doorbell, and ran away. You had other choices to do," she said.

Neighbors believe that in some small way, there was divine intervention.

"That baby needed to be rescued, and god knew that somebody was gonna be out here," said neighbor Dreamsmythe Salisbury.

And for Amber - it was a revelation.

"And then, when the police were thanking me, I was like, I kinda saved somebody's life. Cause he was just, he was just sitting there," Amber said.

The baby is still doing fine at VCU Medical Center, under the guardianship of Henrico Social Services. If the mother can't be found, the county will look at foster placement.

Police are asking for help tracking down the baby's mother. Call 501-5000 with any information.

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