Maymont to charge fees to student groups

Posted by Phil Riggan - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) -  Maymont is coping with the economic downturn by charging fees for student groups that visit the richmond park.

Many local schools use maymont to fulfill s-o-l requirements and in the past park officials offered tours of their facility for free to richmond, hanover, chesterfield and henrico schools.

This year in order to subsidize the park's operation, schools will need to chip in.

"We think that people will still get a wonderful value, even if they have to pay a small fee, not covering all the costs, but it will certainly help and we still expect to have tens of thousands of children here throughout the richmond metro area," said Henry "Buz" Bireline, Maymont Director of the Nature Center and Habitats.

Maymont will now charge $6 for students coming from Hanover and Chesterfield counties and the city of Richmond.

Henrico County students will be charged only $3 per student, thanks to funding provided to the park by the Henrico School Board.

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