Abandoned infant found in grass

Posted by Shawn Maclauchlan

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - An abandoned newborn has been found in a neighborhood in eastern Henrico.

Police say that the baby boy was found, alive, in the 4400 block of Samara Drive.

A woman was walking along the street when she heard a strange noise, looked down - and saw the baby boy, naked in the grass. She picked him up, took him to her house and called 911.

Authorities took the child to VCU Medical Center. We're told the baby is in good health. Police are in the middle of an investigation and looking to track down the mother; they want to ask her some questions and make sure she's okay.

"Something like this is always very difficult with an abandoned child, newly brought into this world with no parents to look out for him," said Henrico county police Lt. H.C. Smith. "We need to work to reunite him with his family."

Police are asking anyone with information - even the tiniest detail - to please call them at 501-5000.

NBC 12 will continue to follow this story throughout the day and bring you the very latest details as they become available.

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