Door to door solicitation scheme

By Evrod Cassimy - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - They're going door to door, pretending to be from a nearby school. Crooks in the Bellevue area are soliciting educational materials hoping to gain the trust and money of unsuspecting residents.

"She had a list with of bunch of neighbors and people's names who I knew and tried to kind of get that familiarity of this is what we're selling," said Bellevue resident, Kristin Cummings. "Friends of yours and people you knew have been purchasing these materials."

Cummings was approached by the con artists who claimed to be from nearby Linwood Holton Elementary School. She chatted with the woman on her front steps but on some occasions the phony salesperson tries to sweet talk their way inside the victims home.

"We get quite often get people to come by like that and i try to be careful about it," said resident, Chris Kirby.

Kirby saw a similar scam in his neighborhood a few years ago. The con artists tricked him into giving them money. Richmond Police are investigating but want residents to be aware of the hoax.

"You have a right not to answer the door if you don't want to and not to let anybody in," said Gene Lepley of the Richmond Police Department. "Anybody soliciting at your doorstep or on the street should have identification."

Holton Elementary School is not selling and has not authorized anyone to sell anything on their behalf.

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