Cab driver shot & robbed by passenger

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PRINCE GEORGE, VA (WWBT) - A search is underway for two men who police say shot and robbed a cab driver. The crime happened early Thursday morning in Prince George County.

Police say the suspects are armed and dangerous. The pair is caught on tape moments before the crime.

Surveillance video show the pair at a gas station on Prince George County Drive in Prince George County. Police say the men are responsible for robbing and shooting James Pegram, 47. Pegram drives cab number 17 for Boulevard Cab in Petersburg.

Around 2:30 this Thursday morning Pegram is seen picking up the two suspects at that gas station. Moments later Pegram is shot in the back of the neck and robbed.

Once the cab driver was shot police say the suspects tossed him out of the car. The cab driver managed to make his way back to this gas station, pleading for help.

News of the crime has Pegram's co-workers on alert. This is the second Boulevard Cab driver shot this month.

"Well it's just dangerous. You never know who you're picking up," said cab driver Steve Cudjoe.

Cudjoe is now thinking about a new career.

"It's time for a change for me. I don't even think I want to do this anymore," Cudjoe said.

Daryl Pride became a cab driver a few months ago.

"Its sad people can't come out here and work and support their families without being harassed by these criminals," said Pride.

Pride says cabs should be better outfitted to protect drivers.

"That's what we really need -- shields, or automatic door locks, so things like this won't occur," he said.

Colleagues say Pegram began driving cabs more than 20 years ago. He's married with children.

Investigators hope someone recognizes the suspects. They say the sooner the men are off the streets the safer the public will be. The shooting victim underwent surgery at VCU Medical Center and is in stable condition.

If you can help police find the suspects, call Crime Solvers at 733-2777.

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