Henrico provides chance to dispose of pesticides for free

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Posted by Phil Riggan - email

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Crews are preparing for a large pesticide disposal event taking place tomorrow in Henrico County.  It's a rare opportunity for farmers, business owners and residents to dispose of pesticides for free.

Come tomorrow morning, this now empty turnaround will be filled with trucks and other equipment available to dispose of pesticides for free.

It's easy to get rid of most unwanted items because they just because become trash.  It's not so easy to do away with unwanted, banned or outdated pesticides, which can be hazardous to you and the environment.

That's why the VDACS, with the help of local extension offices, is hosting a free pesticide disposal event.

"We take care of it, we handle it in a safe matter, we get it out of the environment and dispose of it in a manner that completely eliminate the threat of those pesticides," said Elaine Lidholm, director of communications, VDACS.

This event doesn't even cost taxpayers money.

It's funded through the fees it costs to register pesticide products and is available to farmers, pesticide dealers, pest control firms, homeowners and golf course owners.

Only unwanted pesticides will be accepted. You cannot bring fertilizer, motor oil, paint, fuel or other chemicals.

Organizers say they help with pesticide disposal because they know it's tough and expensive otherwise.

"I don't know that most people would try to do this on their own because for one thing most hazardous waste companies will not come out to an individual home, and if they did, I can't even imagine what the cost would be," Lidholm said.

Farmers and business owners are encouraged to pre-register, which they can still do until the end of the day today. Just contact your local extension office for more information.

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