Chesterfield County waits on noise ordinance

By Evrod Cassimy - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, VA (WWBT) - One thing Chesterfield County residents will agree on is that a noise ordinance must be in place. But it will be at least another month before they'll see one.

At a meeting Wednesday night county board supervisors voted to postpone the decision. The main reason is because the ordinance presented needed to be more specific. Several concerned residents complained about the level of noise in their area during the public discussion, but most seemed satisfied with the boards decision.

"I think they should defer it for 30 days," said noise ordinance supporter, Roberta Hawkins. "I think they need to get a noise expert to explain to them the different sounds of the noises."

"I didn't want to see the ordinance end up to where somebody was driving down the road on a sunny day with their windows down and a police officer happens to hear their radio that they would be pulled over and be given a ticket for it," said Chesterfield County resident, Andrea Epps.

The board also discussed what type of penalties should be in place for those found violating the future ordinance. Most seemed to lean towards a criminal penalty because in the past civil penalties seemed to be less effective. Next month they will revisit the idea again taking in to consideration tonight's public input.

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