The Senator's Legacy

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Posted by Terry Alexander - email

WASHINGTON, DC (WWBT) - Today has been a day to remember the impact of a man that not everyone agreed with, but whose legacy will resonate to just about every part of the country, including Richmond, Virginia.

From the banks of his picturesque compound off Cape Cod, to the flags at half staff above the nation's capitol, to the front yard of a former Richmond congressman. America is remembering Ted Kennedy.

"He was a lion in the senate," said Former Congressman Tom Bliley.

Bliley is a republican. His political views as close to polar opposite as one could get from Kennedy. But he said their goals were always the same.

"He was interested in the final product, he would be willing to compromise and exchange something you don't see a lot of today, unfortunately," said Bliley.

Kennedy was a champion of causes such as education and health care reform. But it will be his work on civil rights, that took place long after the marches ended, that former Gov. Doug Wilder will remember the most.

"But to implement the operation of the law for uplift and I think that he is one of the most inspirational leaders we have ever had in our country," said Wilder.

And while Kennedy's personal life was not without its share of controversy and tragedy. Tonight in Washington it is what he contributed that people are focusing on the most.

Before Senator Kennedy's body arrives here in the Washington area for burial, he will be honored in his hometown. On Friday, there will be a public viewing at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston. After a funeral mass on Saturday, his body will be flown to Virginia for burial at Arlington National Cemetery.

It's expected that Senator Kennedy will be buried next to his brothers, John and Robert Kennedy.

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