Statement from the Richmond SPCA Board on Robin Starr

From the Board of Directors of the Richmond SPCA

The Board of the Richmond SPCA fully supports our CEO Robin Starr during this time of great personal loss. Robin has been a staunch and unwavering advocate for animal welfare and her efforts have been instrumental in improving the plight of animals since she joined the Richmond SPCA in 1997.

We expect Robin to continue her lifesaving work as CEO of the Richmond SPCA for many years to come. We can only hope that this unfortunate accident will help other pet owners avoid similar tragedies in the future with their beloved pets.

We urge pet owners to be alert anytime you place your pet in a car and let others know you have done so. Make sure there are reminders so that your pet cannot be missed (examples include placing his or her leash on the passenger seat or attaching it to a handbag or the driver's door handle, etc.).

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