Local leaders remember Senator Ted Kennedy

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Local community leaders are remembering Senator Edward Kennedy for the work he accomplished for the everyday American.

From healthcare reform for children of needy working poor, to helping fund the Meals on Wheels program, many are remembering Senator Kedy as the prividged man, who helped the less fortunate.

"The legacy he left makes me realize my committment to people who are not as fortunate as I am," says Executive Vice President Richard Shultz of Meals on Wheels in Richmond.

It's the meals that pack the cars, that hold the legacy of Senator Kennedy right here in Richmond. One executive president of meals on wheels Richard Schultz sees everyday. What started in the 60's as a small group serving only a few, blossomed into something big.

"Thanks to people like Sen. Kennedy, we are doing close to 1000 meals a day, serving about 900 people that are homebound," says Schultz.

Meals made possible by Senator Kennedy spearheading funding right into the buildings, that now stretch to about 4,000 across the country.

"This program would not be possible without him and him being a champion of this cause," adds Schultz.

Democratic Party Chairmain and Virginia Governor Tim Kaine releasing this statement about Kennedy's passing: "... The legacy he will be most remembered for will be his work to improve the plight of ordinary Americans, to empower the powerless and to end the scourge of discrimination..."

Barriers broken that Dexter White of Richmond was glad to see.

"I think he was the champion for the small person. He championed Civil Rights and he was a supporter of (Dr.) King back in the 60's.

"It's like the end of an era," adds Emily Lockhart.

It's an era that broke barriers, helped the needy and influenced many.

"I feel sad. I think we lost a champion. And, not just Democrats. I feel the American people lost a champion," says Lockhart.

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