Rep. Perriello continues town hall meetings on Health reform

By Ryan Nobles - bio | email
Posted by Phil Riggan - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Vocal town halls across the country have become a very prominent part of the national discussion over health care reform.

Local congressman Tom Perriello from Virginia's 5th District is on the front lines of the debate.

He is in the midst of 13 town halls on the topic with residents across his sprawling district.   He will hold a town hall tonight in Farmville.

Congressman Perriello joine nbc12 live on the phone to talk about this. See the video at right for his answers.

Q: Have you seen the pictures of yelling and screaming at this town halls, have you found them to be productive?

Q: Now, is your mind made up on health care reform or will you take what your constituents have to say back to Washington?

Q: The Democratic National Committee in a web ad, described many of these health care opponents that come to these meetings as a "mob"? Do you agree with that characterization?

Q: You obviously have not been afraid to hold the town halls, but what about senators Warner and Webb. Neither have held face to face forums on the issue. Do you think they should?

Q: Do you feel these people are coming out of a real desire to voice their opinion, or are they being put up to it by lobby groups?

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