Evening training classes offered for adults in Hanover

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HANOVER, VA (WWBT) -  All over the country -- people are learning new skills to make themselves more appealing as job seekers.

That trend is making its way to Hanover County, where the trade school will start offering evening classes for adults.

This evening here at the trade school, an OSHA training class is kicking off.  What's really exciting is this is part of a larger mission to help the Hanover community as a whole.

The Hanover County Center for Trades and Technology opened last year to provide more educational opportunities for high school students. But now, with an initial OSHA class, those opportunities are expanding to all Hanover county residents.

"This course tonight is going to be the start of many courses," said Don Monroe, Assistant Dir. Career and Technology.

"It's a first of a kind of us, it's an evening class and we are looking to build this sort of thing for the Hanover community," said Principal Charlie Hurd.

In this day and age, the job market is tough, and officials at this school saw a need to help those in the community looking for work.

They started with an OSHA class because so many people are looking for construction or day laborer jobs right now -- and most sites require every employee to have proof of OSHA training.

"They are looking to retrain, to reenter the workforce, they may be displaced within different companies and businesses in the county," Monroe said.

Evening classes like the OSHA training are the first step in a bigger Hanover County initiative.

County leaders say they are reaching out through industry, and looking to expand this program this year and years to come.

"We are looking at some other things like culinary serve safe for food service employees, certifications like that where people need to have it for jobs and for employment, and we will also be looking to the community for information, for input as to what they would like to see become a part of our adult evening programs," Hurd said.

For more information about the opportunities available at the Hanover Center for Trades and Technology, you can visit their website.

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