Microchipping for $20 until 8pm

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - If you're an animal lover, you have just two hours left to prevent your worst fear. The Richmond SPCA is offering microchipping to help you find your pets when they get lost. The price - a discounted twenty bucks!  Pet owners are flocking to the event.

Koda's got one...

"These are our babies. If they ever got out or out of our backyard or slipped a collar on a walk or something, we just felt like it would be a lot easier to find them," said pet owner Julia Stancampiano.

Eriq Johnson made sure one was implanted in four year old Dudley.

"I couldn't miss him. I couldn't lose him!" said Eriq.

And now pet owners across the Richmond metro area are ensuring they'll be able to find their beloved four legged friends if the worst ever happens. The microchipping process is simple and painless - SPCA staff will implant the tiny tracking device between your pet's shoulder blades and in an emergency, any Humane Society or Animal Control office can identify your dog or cat.

While Amelia Campbell's 'Monty' has all the proper tags, she never thought about going the extra step until seeing our story. Now, the scary situations of Monty getting loose weigh on her mind

"That he would get away and no one would know who he was and he would be stolen or someone would turn him in and they wouldn't know who he belonged to and they would put him to sleep," said Campbell.

Since we told you about the event last week, the SPCA has seen so much interest, it actually extended hours. And in these tough economic times, who could blame these pet lovers? We called veterinary offices and found out the microchipping procedure could run upwards of fifty bucks. At Monday's three hour clinic, implanting the tiny device only costs you twenty dollars.

"I'm a retired woman living on a pension so every little bit helps," said Campbell.

Again, staff will be microchipping pets until 8:00 p.m. They'll continue to take walk-ins until time or supplies run out. If you want to stop by, the SPCA is located on Hermitage Road. If you miss tonight's event, the organization says there is a possibility there'll be another one down the road.

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