Hanover firefighters train for wildfires

From NBC12 News

HANOVER, VA (NBC12) - Even though we're seeing some rain, our area has been very dry in recent weeks.

Fire-fighters in Hanover spent Saturday training to fight wild-fires.

They practiced driving bulldozers through rough, forest terrain.

The heavy equipment is commonly used to clear brush from an area, and create a line of dirt so that wild-fires have no more fuel.

Fire officials say in recent years, they've run into trouble because no one feels properly prepared to operate the machinery.

"If you don't know your equipment, you shouldn't use it and we've gotten into some situations where we didn't feel comfortable operating heavy equipment," said Hanover Battalion Chief William Jones. "This has been an ongoing class, they'll have the skills, the certification to do it. And all we've got to do is make a call."

Hanover Fire and EMS crews also practiced using GPS equipment to navigate the forest.

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